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Looking for training so that you can run DiSC training yourself?

With our Everything DiSC Facilitator Training Programme, you can learn all about DiSC personality profiling and join our network of skilled DISCGB Members. During this programme you will experience what it is like to be a participant on a DiSC training programme and then delve behind the scenes to learn how to deliver the workshops yourself. 

We will give you the skills you need to deliver workshops with your own clients and in-house teams.

You will also learn the background to this type of personality profile, learn about all the different styles and how to identify other people’s, how to adapt your own style, and learn about all the profiles available.

This modular, remotely-delivered course includes free downloads, tailorable support materials and templates. You will also have an exclusive rate for all Everything DiSC profiles along with EPIC credits. Attendees will also have exclusive access the members only area of our website.

Our DiSCGB Accredited Members have access to email and telephone support.

To find out the latest dates for the Everything DiSC Facilitator Training Programme or 

simply call +44 (0)208 133 9050 and speak to our friendly and helpful team. 

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