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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

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After many years of using the full range of Everything DiSC® products with our clients, here at GB Training we are delighted to have now become an Authorised Partner.

We have chosen to take this step so that we can offer a much broader range of products and services directly to individuals, teams and facilitators who want to get great insight in to the way that we all behave and along with it, develop more productive relationships.

As well as offering personal profiles for individuals in any role, the Everything DiSC products include specific profiles for Leaders, Managers and Salespeople - all offering a unique set of tools that are specifically aimed at helping people to communicate and interact in ways that bring better results in the workplace.

This just the start of our new venture and over the coming weeks and months we will be adding to the products and services that we can offer. In the meantime, our core business continues - training and developing people to perform their jobs to the very best of their capability.

We all hope that you will come on this new adventure with us and we are ready and willing to talk to you about how Everything DiSC can help you or your teams.


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