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Everything DiSC Sales

The Everything DiSC Sales profile is specifically aimed at helping salespeople to connect better with their customers. After taking the online self-assessment, respondents receive their personalised report. This detailed analysis provides insight into why someone may find it easier to connect with some customers rather than others and ways to build quicker, longer lasting business relationships.

Everything DiSC Sales Map

Each report contains a personal map showing the respondent's DiSC style and their own set of priorities that drive their behaviour. These priorities are where people tend to focus their energy. The report provides information about areas in which a salesperson may excel and the situations they may find more challenging.

The next section of the report focuses on recognising buying styles - providing simple ways to identify a customer's style, their key drivers and expectations along with practical advice on how a salesperson can best adapt their own style to respond to these needs.

A simple customer interaction map, lets salespeople continually assess each of their new prospects or customers and define clear actions that will help them to move towards a sales. As part of the self-assessment, respondents are asked to consider one of their existing customers and their answers are used to provide a detailed comparison between the two styles and a set of strategies to improve the interaction between the customer and the salesperson.

My Everything DiSC on Mobile

This detailed analysis is available on an ongoing basis via My Everything DiSC - an online portal that provides a salesperson with a way to create an unlimited number of comparison reports. This works seamlessly on a mobile device as well meaning that it can be used instantly while out on the road to get tips and strategies before your next meeting!

The Everything DiSC Sales profile should be a vital part of every salesperson toolkit if they are looking to build better and faster relationships with their customers.

A full sample of the Sales profile can be downloaded HERE so you can see the content for yourself.

The Sales Profile can be used by individual salespeople who are looking to further their own self development or by trainers who are looking to add greater value to their sales training by incorporating it in to their programmes. If you'd like any more details then please contact us.

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