Building business success with Everything DiSC

The range of products and services available under the Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors brands are ever expanding, and one of the challenges is actually knowing which solution will be right for you and the people in your organisation.

The answer is that they ALL are!

Knowing where to start is based on what you want to achieve, and the audience that you are working with. The Workplace report is often the best way to start introducing DiSC within your organisation or with your clients. The report is applicable to everyone in all job roles and working at all levels. It provides a detailed analysis of individual behaviour based on the online self-assessment. This is then developed to help improve understanding of other people's styles and strategies for working with them more effectively.

Management profile

There are also profiles that provide role-specific information for those in management and sales roles. These are tailored to provide relevant information that help use your knowledge of DiSC to be more effective - with your team members, peers and managers, or with your potential customers.

You can of course take these assessments straight away. There is no need to complete the Workplace profile first. However, if you have already completed a profile there's no need to take the whole assessment once again. The assessment responses are saved and can be imported in to the new report. Respondents just need to answer a shorter, specific set of questions that will be used to generate the role specific information.

The reports mentioned so far are primarily focused on developing individual understanding and competence. However, DiSC products can also be used to enhance team and business performance at all levels. Any of the profiles can be incorporated in to your existing learning and development solutions or can be introduced as stand-alone sessions. We are happy to facilitate these sessions for you or you can get hold of all of the materials you need in our comprehensive Facilitation Kits. These provide full training plans, tailorable materials, slide decks and videos.

At a senior level, the Work of Leaders programme provides a structured approach to developing an effective leadership approach and is suitable for individual leaders or senior leadership teams.

363 for leaders model

In addition, there is an 'out of the box' 360 feedback tool available for managers that is hugely informative, simple to administer and incredibly cost effective.

The newest addition to the Everything DiSC family is Productive Conflict. Providing a new approach to understanding conflict in the workplace, this profile uses DiSC to help people understand their responses to those everyday conflict situations and how to reframe their responses to ensure a more productive outcome.

For those that are specifically looking at developing high performing teams, then The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team programme is a tried and tested solution. Based on Patrick Lencioni's best selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, a self assessment provides a highly detailed report about an intact team's performance against each of the behaviours. A facilitated programme supports the learning and ensures there are clear actions to work on. This is one of those rare training programmes that easily helps you to measure a return on your investment. A follow up report is available that measures progress and provides statistical data about the progress and identifies further areas for ongoing development.

Whichever product you choose to use to start with, the beauty of Everything DiSC is that it allows you to continue to build a common language in your organisation or client across a range of personal, team and business development activities. No longer do people need to get to grips with a multitude of different models, terminology and language.

My Everything DiSC

The learning doesn't stop there! Included with all of the profiles is access to My Everything DiSC - a personal online resources that keep the learning going through a range of activities and podcasts. Your reports are safely stored there and you can also create comparison reports with other people to get proven strategies for developing you relationships with them. For sales people, you can also create detailed Customer Interaction Maps that help you understand your customer, their priorities and how to approach them to help you close the sale quicker.

The full range of products and services can support you, your teams or your clients in many ways - all with the aim of creating better personal relationships and team effectiveness to deliver improved results. If you're still a bit daunted we would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements with you and help you to determine the solution that is best for you. Just get in touch.

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