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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

360 feedback tools often receive mixed reviews. When used inappropriately they can be an opportunity for people to air their views in a less than appropriate way. However, when used as a tool for dialogue, with measurement against a robust set of leadership approaches and supported by a skilled coach, they can be fantastic tools for developing leadership competence.

Leadership is influenced by a variety of factors such as character, life experiences, cognitive abilities and maturity. The Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders tool is a throughly researched and validated assessment tool that provides leaders with feedback about the interpersonal aspects of the way in which they lead. The report describes a rich spectrum of behaviours called the Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership (shown in the model below) and these are then broken down in to 24 behavioural practices. While an effective leader does not need to excel in every area, at least some competency in each is needed to be a great leader.

The assessment allows for each leader to select an unlimited number of raters in 4 categories - manager, peer, direct reports and 'other'. A short online questionnaire for the Leader is made up of both a DiSC assessment and a leadership behaviours assessment, whilst the raters assess against the leadership behaviours and are also able to request behaviours that they would like to see their leader do more, or less, of. Unhelpful, free-format responses are replace by CommentSmart - a pre-determined set of context specific comments from which the rater can choose.

The report itself is incredibly comprehensive. It presents the data in an accessible way, highlighting the key messages that are evident and providing three clear strategies (the 3 in 363!), or focus areas, for implementation to enhance future effectiveness. A full sample copy of the 363 for Leaders report is available to view on our website.

This is not only an effective leadership development tool, it is also highly cost-effective. You simply pay one price for each leader taking the assessment with an unlimited number of raters included as part of the cost. It really is an 'out of the box' 360 solution making it easy to administer and use.

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