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Laptop with image of EPIC administration account

This package provides your own Everything DiSC Administrative Account (known as EPIC) plus sufficient credits for 20 Everything DiSC Workplace profiles.


The set up fee for your account usually costs £150, but is offered as part of this package for £75.00.


Having your own administrative account enables you to:


  • Benefit from a reduced rate for credits

  • Distribute access codes within your organisation for the full range of DiSC and Five Behaviours assessments

  • Decide whether to offer access to Workplace, Agile EQ and Management via our Catalyst platform or using the standard pdf reports

  • Fully tailor the emails that are sent by the system to your participants

  • Set automatic reminders to prompt your participants to complete the self-assessment

  • Control whether participants see their reports immediately on completion or withhold until a later date

  • Monitor completion of self-assessments

  • View, save and download profiles

  • Customise and brand DiSC profiles with your own information and company logo

  • Produce supplementary team, comparison and facilitator reports

  • Enable multiple administrators to manage the account meaning each organisation only needs one account that they can share across departments


Each Workplace report requires 15 EPIC Credits - this package provides enough on set up for 20 reports. If you need more credits, then these can easily be provided for you - let us know how many more you need once youar account is set up and we will add these to your account and invoice separately. 


Once your order is placed, you will be asked to provide some additional information to allow for your account to be set up. Please note this is a manual process and may take up to 24 hours (usually much shorter).  


Once you have used your initial credits, you can simply order more online or by contacting us. 



Everything DiSC Administrative Account + 20 Workplace Profiles

Excluding VAT
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