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How do I become a DiSC trainer?

Are you hoping to use the Everything DISC suite of assessment profiles by becoming a DISC trainer? 

Would you like to become DISC Certified or Accredited?

Training to be an  Certified Practitioner gives you so much more than just a good working knowledge of the profiles. An engaging and enjoyable programme fully equips you to use Everything DiSC in your own organisation or with your own clients. 

The programme is detailed and comprehensive requiring approximately 20 hours of your time to complete the online study over a two week period. This explores the basic principles behind the DISC model originally developed by psychologist William Moulton Marston, how to use the reports and plenty of opportunities to develop your understanding, knowledge and competence.

This is followed by four live virtually facilitated sessions where you will learn more about the model and its uses. You will learn how to coach others effectively using their Everything DiSC profile and be shown ways to delve deeper into their results to answer any questions they may have about their DISC style. 

You will have an opportunity to work on your own case study to develop an effective Everything DiSC session for your participants. This includes how to identify their needs and offer the most appropriate solution, ways to build your own activities to support their learning about the DISC model and developing ways to keep it alive long after the workshop has been delivered. 

You will be fully supported throughout the process by our own team of Everything DiSC Certified Practitioners who will share both their knowledge and their experiences with you. At the end of the course, you are required to sit an examination that is multiple-choice in format and can be conducted in an open-book environment. Once you have passed, as you will, you will have qualified as an Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner

More information about the dates for upcoming certification courses can be found here along with a full copy of the course syllabus.


An alternative way to become a DISC Trainer, is to join our network of DISCGB Accredited Members. This is a lighter touch programme conducted virtually over two half days. If you are already an experienced trainer , coach or facilitator then this may be a viable alternative for you. More information about the DISCGB Accreditation programme can be found here. 

Of course, if you have any more questions please contact one of our team and we will be delighted to help. 

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