Everything DiSC Coaching and Training Options for Teams and Individuals

Here you will find information about the coaching and DiSC training options available to users of the DiSC suite of profiles when being used by yourself or with your team.  If you are a facilitator or trainer looking for training for your own development, please read our blog post for more details of the options available, or click Facilitator Training on the main menu above. 

DiSC Team Training

Training for teams

We offer highly interactive DiSC training sessions to help teams explore their DiSC® profiles and consider the benefits of understanding their own behavioural style brings. Teams work together to consider how they can use this knowledge to improve work relationships and build an even more effective team. Team managers can also see the behavioural style makeup of their team, enabling them to consider how to lead their team and make communication and teamwork even more effective.

DISC Coaching

Coaching for individuals

We believe it is important for everyone to have a full understanding of the DiSC tools and, although they are easy to understand, greater insight can be gained from having someone talk it through with you.  We offer face to face and telephone/video coaching to help you get the most out of your profile.

DISC Certifcation


Whilst it's not a pre-requisite to hold certification to introduce DiSC products within your workplace, taking part in a comprehensive programme will provide you with a deep knowledge of how to interpret the profiles and maximise their benefits. 

The certification course is available as a blended online programme. We also offer our own Accreditation programme for those who may be looking for a lighter touch programme.  These really are two of the best resources to build knowledge and facilitation skills when preparing to use Everything DiSC in your organisation.