Everything DiSC is the ideal tool for learning and development professionals

Whether you are a corporate learning & development professional, an independent trainer or work as part of a larger training organisation, the Everything DiSC suite of profiles will add real value to the work you do .... and you don't need any formal certification to use them.   

Everything DiSC  helps others to understand their behaviour and the impact it has on other people. The insight raises awareness and helps people build more productive relationships in the workplace.


Building the self-assessment in to your training can help improve working relationships, enhance collaboration and team working, develop people management skills, create stronger relationships with customers and, ultimately, improve productivity. 

Everything DiSC for Trainers

How do I manage the process with my clients?

As a trainer or facilitator, you are always working to add value for your clients whether they are internal or external. By setting up your own online account with us you will be able to administer all aspects of the DISC assessment. 

  • Distribute access codes to your respondents

  • Set auto-reminders to ensure completion well ahead of your programme

  • See who has, and hasn't, completed the assessment

  • Decide whether you wish to withhold reports for you to print and distribute, or make them visible immediately online

  • Brand reports as your own, or as your clients

  • Easily purchase credits online

Do I need to be certified to use Everything DiSC?

There is no requirement to be certified to run DiSC workshops or use the full range of profiles. The reports are simple to understand and full of practical tips for your respondents to apply.


An experienced trainer will be able to interpret the reports and integrate them in to their new, or existing, learning programmes. 

We are available to support in any way we can by sharing our experiences and providing you with help and ideas. 

If you prefer to use a 'straight out of the box', structured programme, you can buy facilitation kits directly from us that will provide you with all of the information and tools you need to run your own workshops. These include full trainer notes, slides, videos and materials. They're a great way to save you design time and ensure the best possible learning experience for your delegates. 

While certification is not a requirement to bring Everything DiSC to your organisation or clients, completing a certification course signifies a proven level of capability and expertise in Everything DiSC profiles and research. If you would like to develop your own capability, then we offer both an in-person blended and online blended certification programme as well as our DISCGB Accreditation programme.

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