Everything DiSC Management

The Everything DiSC Management profile is relevant for anyone that manages people on a one-to-one basis. The profile provides in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help managers become more effective.

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Benefits and uses of DiSC Management

  • Ideal for new managers as they develop into their role

  • Improve people management skills

  • Integrate into management training & development programmes

  • Improve confidence when managing people

  • Increasing management capability 

  • Improve core managerial skills of delegation and motivation

  • More effective communication across a management team

The Everything DiSC Management profile

Each profile provides an in-depth, management-specific, personalised report containing:

  • An introduction to DiSC

  • Your DiSC overview

  • Your DiSC priorities

  • Your management preferences

  • Your directing and delegating style

  • Motivation and the environment you create

  • Your approach to developing others

  • How your manager sees you

£87.50 + VAT per profile

My Everything DiSC

Each profile includes access to My Everything DiSC - an exciting follow-up tool that provides online access to your DiSC report & the ability to compare styles with colleagues. Online learning resources help you get a greater understanding of how DiSC styles impact workplace relationships and productivity and provide tips on how to communicate more effectively. 

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Everything DiSC Management Training​

To get the most from the Everything DiSC Management profiles, we can support you with a range of training options. We offer a virtual programme which explores the results of the assessment in depth over a series of short instructor-led modules. Each module is 60-90 minutes in duration and ensures that you have a full understanding of your personalised DiSC results as well as being able to apply the learning to support your development. 

If you would prefer for the training to be delivered by your own internal trainers then we can support you with the necessary training and materials to be able to to do this. 

Contact us to discuss your training requirements in more detail.