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Everything DiSC Management

The Everything DiSC Management profile is relevant for anyone who manages people on a one-to-one basis. The profile provides in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help managers become more effective by understanding their own behavioural style and how this may impact their interactions with others. 

What are the benefits and uses of DiSC Management

  • Ideal for new managers as they develop into their role

  • Improve people management skills

  • Integrate into management training & development programmes

  • Improve confidence when managing people

  • Increasing management capability 

  • Improve core managerial skills of delegation and motivation

  • More effective communication across a management team

The Everything DiSC Management profile

Each profile provides an in-depth, management-specific, personalised report containing:

  • An introduction to DiSC

  • Your DiSC overview

  • Your DiSC priorities

  • Your management preferences

  • Your directing and delegating style

  • Motivation and the environment you create

  • Your approach to developing others

  • How your manager sees you

Everything DiSC Management Tile
Everything DiSC Management Map and Priorities

£97.50 + VAT per profile

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst 

The full content of the Management profile is also available on the Catalyst platform. Assessments results are immediately available via an interactive, personalised website. For the same price as the standard Management assessment, you also receive access to the full Everything DiSC Workplace content. ​

The real benefits of this transformational learning experience come from using it at an organisational level. A key element is the ability to instantly see how you may interact with others in your organisation or department. The transparent nature of the platform brings together everyone's DiSC assessments in one place and uses these to provide real-time strategies on how to work better together with your colleagues and direct reports.. For individuals looking to develop their own understanding of their management style then the original Management solution continues to be the best solution. 

To purchase Management on Catalyst please visit our online store here and add Management to your order. 

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst is here!
Everything DiSC Management Training​

To get the most from the Everything DiSC Management profiles, we can support you with a range of training options. We can come to you (either physically or virtually) to facilitate sessions on your behalf, or we can help you to be confident in delivering a session yourself. If you are already confident, then you can get started straight away and either buy profiles and use them in your own session immediately or benefit from the extensive materials and support we offer.


Training for Teams

We offer a unique training for teams experience through our Everything DiSC workshops. Our expert trainers will help your team discover their unique strengths and learn how to work more effectively together through interactive and engaging activities. Our training has been shown to improve team communication, efficiency, and overall satisfaction. 


Training to Facilitate

Take your facilitation skills to the next level with our comprehensive training programmes. We offer Everything DiSC Certification and DISCGB Accreditation. Both will equip you with the knowledge and tools to lead successful DiSC workshops and training sessions. Our experienced team will provide you with support and guidance every step of the way, helping you unlock your full potential as a facilitator.


Get started straight away!

Our Facilitation Kits come with everything you need to confidently facilitate Everything DiSC workshops that create positive change in your organisation. From comprehensive facilitator guides to engaging activities and videos, our kits are designed to take your facilitation skills to the next level. And with an EPIC account, you can easily manage and track assessments so you can focus on facilitating impactful workshops.

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