Daphne Amevenu
UCL Partners

Gary designed and led a great session for my team to help us explore our own DiSC profiles, get to know each other personally and importantly begin to explore how we can work together effectively as a team. Gary was flexible in accommodating changes to attendees and delivery format. I was impressed by how he quickly pivoted to from a plan to deliver an online session to deliver a virtual session with some people in person together and others working from home. My team really valued the session and are still talking about how valuable it was. Thank you Gary for helping my team begin a discussion about how to work together well and helping them to increase their own self-awareness. They’ll be able to take the insights into future jobs.

Amy YoungHead of People & Culture

We engaged DISCGB to support us with the provision of Everything DiSC reports for our team as we came back together in person post Covid restrictions. Gary was responsive, helpful and proactive in the support he provided me in getting these done within a short timeframe. He also provided advice on additional products which would benefit our purpose. I would highly recommend Gary and would work with him again.

Carly Gibbs

Head of Guest Experience, Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

I recently took part in one of DISCGB's Approved Trainer Programmes which was delivered online. The course was great in so many ways. I now have some really useful information, tools and structure to use to support others with understanding DiSC, as well as improving my own understanding too. The course was great, even through Zoom as was easy to discuss topics and still feel conversational and interactive too rather than just sitting in on a webinar. Thank you for an insightful and fun two days.

Denise Cochrane


I have recently completed the DiSCGB Approved Trainer Programme with Gary. This was a great course which has given me something new to add to my toolkit which I can offer my clients. Gary is excellent at what he does and is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable about all things DiSC. He was very supportive during the training and he made the training extremely enjoyable and worthwhile. Thank you so much for your time and support. I'm looking forward to be able use what I have learned over the last 2 days.

Kathryn Foot

Trainer, Coach & Mentor

I was really fortunate to have one-one online training with Gary on the World of Leaders Everything DISC programme and I loved it! Gary is extremely knowledgeable on the subject, was able to answer all my many questions and was really easy to listen to and learn from. Gary expanded my knowledge in this subject, clearly explained how to go through profiles and reports and helped me analyse my own leadership strengths and development areas. This will be such a useful tool for my leadership training and coaching and I can't wait to use it!

Mark Nation

British Airways

Everything DiSC Essentials

The course… was ideal for bringing to life the entire programme from both the user and facilitator perspectives using varied inputs e.g. video clips and knowledge checks. Will enable me as a facilitator to have a more rounded understanding and depth of knowledge about the origins of DiSC, Has added to my credibility on the subject matter when challenged. Will help me answer the challenges I might receive from delegates in class using the umbrella model (Facilitator Guide) if they queried survey results Gave me an overview of similarities between each element of the Everything DiSC pathways and informed me of the considerable differences; especially with the DiSC Work of Leaders programme.

Rita Bailey

DISC GB Approved Trainer Programme

I thoroughly enjoyed the course with Gary. He has great facilitation style making it easy to understand the styles, reports. Really useful exercises, videos, and what’s even great is Gary provides resources he used to us as attendees, so you feel well equipped and you get your EPIC account ready to start when your ready. Our group were friendly and we plan to stay in contact. Thanks Gary for a great course!

Melanie Armstrong

GCU, Glasgow

Accomplished and extremely professional

Gary is a highly skilled facilitator and his ability to relate to his participants at all levels makes his workshops a pleasure to be in. I have experienced Gary's sessions on ED Workplace and 363 for Leaders. Both were excellent. I commend Gary to you.

Mei Wong

South West Water, Exeter

It has been a pleasure working with Gary - we asked for a customized workshop and both content and delivery was spot-on. Gary has a great facilitation style, putting people at ease and creating a comfortable sharing space and the activities were interactive and engaging. We received great feedback from our participants who found the workshop insightful and helpful in developing their self-awareness and ways of working better with others in the workplace. I cannot recommend Gary and his team enough for any DISC training as you can be assured of quality content & delivery!

Lucy Knight

GAP UK, London

The DISC training course, was invaluable to understanding the DISC tool and how to use it within your business. Without this in-depth expert lead workshop I would not have had the confidence or competence to facilitate similar workshops within the organisation. The workshop empowers you to be able to use the tools and most importantly use them effectively.

Jacqueline Ladds

HCPC, London

We have worked with the team at GB Training for a number of years, specifically using the DiSC model.  It is a really useful tool which I would recommend to anyone looking to understand their team dynamics in greater depth. For our team, it has given us real insights and awareness of how each of us works and, with the help of GB Training, we have identified how we need to adapt, develop and support each other to create a strong and effective team dynamic.

Ray Massey

A really useful learning event - the profiling was an accurate representation of me to which I could only agree with the review. Recognising different 'profiles' will really help promote effective communication and teamwork. Very good insight into all profiles and the recognition of each. A few interesting group activities were undertaken to demonstrate how the same people / profiles work together.

Glenn Watson

Advantage Travel Partnership

DiSC profiling has helped my team work closer with other areas of our business through understanding communication styles and personalities of our colleagues.The individual personality type report was spot-on and helped us to identify our own strengths and understand better the other personality types.Highly recommended to anyone working as part of a team.

Olga Kelly

Advantage Travel Partnership

DiSC is a really interesting way of figuring out how people work best.  It's a very positive approach and doesn't block people into categories.  I like that it's not a personality profile, but rather an insight into traits of certain work approaches.  There's no right, and no wrong.  It just is, what it is.  GB Training then used this knowledge at each training session thereafter and everyone to date has found this useful.  The delivery done by Gary was incredible, pithy and very interesting.  Gary has a wonderful way of knowing when to stop someone taking over without being too direct.  Everyone seems to get equally involved in his sessions which is wonderful.

Jacqui Granger

British Airways

Every workshop that GB Training runs is interactive and engaging, ensuring that our teams get the most benefit from the DiSC reports. I have used other profiling tools in the past, however I found that DiSC is much better; it’s easy to use, visual, detailed, accurate and comprehensive, particularly useful when working with a worldwide organisation. The feedback we have received has all been very positive, even from those that were sceptical at first to then saying “wow, they’ve got me, how did they do that?”