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Using Everything DiSC for recruitment and hiring

Everything DiSC is a personality assessment tool that can be used to help organizations make better hiring decisions. The assessment measures four personality dimensions: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Compliance (C). These dimensions can be used to understand how individuals prefer to interact with others, make decisions, and manage their work.

There are a number of ways that Everything DiSC can be used to support recruitment processes. Here are a few examples:

  • Use Everything DiSC to create job descriptions and profiles. When you understand the personality dimensions that are important for success in a particular role, you can create job descriptions and profiles that are tailored to those dimensions. This can help you to attract and identify candidates who are a good fit for the role.

  • Use Everything DiSC to conduct interviews. You can use Everything DiSC to help you to ask better interview questions and to better understand candidates' answers. For example, if a candidate has a high score on the Dominance dimension, you might ask them questions about how they like to take charge and make decisions.

  • Use Everything DiSC to onboard new employees. You can use Everything DiSC to help new employees understand their own personality style and how it can affect their work. This can help them to be more effective in their roles and to better understand their colleagues.

It is important to note that Everything DiSC should not be used for candidate screening alone. It is important to consider other factors, such as skills, experience, and education, when making hiring decisions.

Here are some caveats to consider when using Everything DiSC for recruitment:

  • Everything DiSC is a personality assessment tool, not a cognitive ability test. It does not measure intelligence or job skills.

  • Everything DiSC is not a predictor of job performance. There are many other factors that can affect job performance, such as motivation, training, and experience.

  • Everything DiSC should not be used to discriminate against candidates on any basis!

Overall, Everything DiSC can be a valuable tool for supporting recruitment processes. However, it is important to use it in conjunction with other factors and to be aware of its limitations.

  • Is Everything DiSC designed for use as recruitment tool?
    Everything DiSC is primarily designed as a behavioural profiling tool. One of the key underlying principles is that whilst people certainly do have a set of behavioural preferences and tendencies about how they approach their relationships with others, this does not preclude them for choosing to behave in different, and hopefully more effective, ways. From a recruitment perspective, there is no evidence that a particular style is more competent at a certain job or role. DiSC is not designed to support early-stage screening. However, we do work with companies similar to your own who successfully use the profiles as part of their process to inform a line of questioning and discussion at interview stage.
  • Which is the best profile to use?
    The most universal profile is the Everything DiSC Workplace report, a sample of which can be viewed here. These profiles provide a general analysis of behavioural preferences and tendencies in the workplace and offer personalised detail about both strengths, challenges and strategies for working with others. These are frequently used as coaching tools and would lend themselves to exploration at the interview stage. Additional role-specific profiles are available for those in Leadership, Management or Sales roles. These can all be viewed here.
  • Do I need to be certified to use Everything DiSC profiles?
    There is no requirement to be certified. The reports are intended to be accessible and simple to understand. Of course, if you wish to be certified, or receive further training, then this is available. We offer two training programmes for facilitators - Everything DiSC Certification and DISCGB Accreditation. Use the links at the bottom of the page for more information.
  • What is the process for administering the reports?
    There are a couple of ways to manage the assessments. If it is just an occasional purchase then we provide you with a link to send to the candidate. They then complete the assessment online, which takes about 20 minutes, and once completed we then send a PDF version of the report to you. Alternatively, if you want complete control over the process then we can set up an online account for you. This would enable you to manage the whole process yourself from issuing codes through to receiving the reports. You are also able to brand the reports with your own company details and logo. There is a one-off set up fee of £150 +VAT and then you simply buy credits for profiles from us on a 'pay as you need' basis with no minimum orders.
  • Can I buy a one-off licence for unlimited reports?
    No, there is a cost for each report. An Everything DiSC Workplace report costs £58.50 + VAT
  • How do we get started?
    Simply contact us and we can get you started straight away or schedule a call with us if you would like to discuss your requirements further.
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