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An introduction to myeverythingdisc

How to create comparison reports

My Everything DiSC®​

My Everything DiSC® is your own DISC portal and is available to everyone who completes a self-assessment. There is no extra charge and no limits to your access. 

The fully interactive, and the mobile-compatible, site provides you with access to your own DiSC reports along with further information about all of the styles and how best to interact with them. It's a great learning resource to find out more about DiSC and helps you to keep benefiting from taking an assessment. 


If other people that you know have also completed a DiSC report, you can create instant comparison reports and receive tips and techniques for working better together (subject to their agreement, of course!)

Customer Interaction Maps

When you take an Everything DiSC Sales profile, you also receive FREE and unlimited Customer Interaction Maps.


These provide a quick way to assess the style of your customer and provide instant tips and techniques for you to build stronger, faster and more profitable relationships.


It takes less than a minute to create the Map and the system works seamlessly on all mobile devices making it easy to create maps when out on the road.


Download a sample Customer Interaction Map.

My Everything DiSC on your mobile

Everything DiSC on Catalyst

Catalyst is a brand new way to access and share your Everything DiSC profiles. This platform is an alternative to My Everything DiSC and is aimed at teams and organisations who want to be able to simply view the profiles of all of their colleagues and receive valuable insights about how to work more effectively together. 

Catalyst currently provides support for the Workplace, Management and AgileEQ profiles. You can choose whether to take the standard assessments or access your reports via Catalyst at the time of purchase. We will happily guide you towards the most appropriate solution for you. 

For more information, please contact us.

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