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What is DiSC and how can I benefit?

Updated: May 2, 2023

Everything DiSC® Model

Everything DiSC is a self assessment tool that offers amazing insight in to the way in which we behave and communicate in the workplace. After taking the assessment a 20 page report provides information about your own style, the priorities that drive your behaviour and plenty of tips and techniques to develop more productive relationships with people who may have a different style to your own.

DiSC relates to the four core behavioural styles that are identified - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientousness. These four are broken down further in to one of 12 styles, allowing for a much greater degree of accuracy.

Everything DiSC Workplace can be used by individuals and teams working in any organisational role. There are also specific profiles available for leaders, managers and salespeople which all offer tailored insights relevant to your specific role.

We have been using DiSC for many years and continue to be amazed by the reaction it receives. In the words of a recent group, the profiles are 'frighteningly accurate'!

The reason we are so passionate about Everything DiSC is not only it's proven accuracy and the reaction it receives, but also because it is easy to understand and even easier to apply. It's a workplace profile so is accepting of the fact that we may behave slightly differently outside of work.

You can take a self-assessment straight away by purchasing from our website, but if you are a corporate or trainer/facilitator looking to offer DiSC on an ongoing basis, you can open an EPIC account. This allows you to administer and control the distribution of assessments, generate your own reports and save money at the same time! Just contact us for more details.

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