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DiSC Classic 2

DiSC Classic 2 is the legacy DiSC profile with the assessment and results delivered online. 


This profile is often used by facilitators with previous experience with DiSC® Classic or by individuals for their own uses, such as preparing for a job interview or for self-awareness. DiSC Classic can help people understand their preferences, appreciate personal diversity, and develop a common language to discuss personal styles.


Assessment experience


The 28-item forced choice questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes. It is scored automatically and graphed on four scales: D, i, S, and C.


Profile features


Learners will see their scores graphed on a chart. They learn about their highest and lowest dimensions, introducing them to their DiSC style.


They view an Intensity Index chart and descriptions to learn more about their potential strengths and weaknesses.


Learners are assigned a DiSC Classical Pattern. In this section they learn more about their motivation and work habits, as well as other insights.


All DiSC Classical Patterns and the DiSC model are explained in more detail. These pages answer the questions: How is my DiSC style different from the others? What do I have in common with the other DiSC styles?


Profiles in languages other than English are available. Please contact us for more information.


Unless you are already familiar with the format of this report, we would recommend you consider using our latest profile - Everything DiSC Workplace.


A full sample copy of the DiSC Classic 2 report is available here



DiSC Classic 2

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