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Everything DiSC® Group Facilitators Report

The Everything Disc® Group Facilitators Report collates and interprets data from a minimum of three completed Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles to provide a customised report about the culture of your group or team. 


The 17 page report explores the potential impact of the collective styles and how they may impact group performance, including their influence on risk-taking and decision making capabilities. 


The report contains details of each participants style allowing facilitatiors to have an instant snapshot of the style of the collective group. This information can be used along with the suggested guidance questions to identify the dominant group style and consider the impact this has on both the team members, and those who work alongside this team. 


This is an invaluable tool for facilitating discussion in a group. The report can be used in conjunction with Workplace, Management and Sales Profiles. 


This report provides the names of each person in the group aloingside their DiSC style. If you prefer an anonymised version of the report then please consider the Group Culture report. 

Everything DiSC® Group Facilitators Report

Excluding VAT
  • The Group Culture Facilitator's report will be emailed to you once all of the group have completed their profiles. 

  • All prices exclude VAT / Taxes. The applicable rate for your country will be applied at checkout. 

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