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How can trainers use DiSC assessments?

As an independent training consultant the need to offer practical, relevant and timely training to corporate clients has never been greater. One of the challenges is to keep designing training solutions that are engaging and memorable as well as achieving the learning outcomes. 


There are many different self assessment tools in the market to support your learner’s experience, ranging from MBTI, Discovery Insights, Thomas International, Belbin,  as well as a selection of other DISC based profiles. They are all useful, and picking the right one for the right audience is often the challenge.


The Everything DISC suite of profiles are a fantastic addition to the value your training brings to your clients. The profile is a statistically validated and thoroughly researched assessment that helps people understand their own behaviour type, recognise other DISC types and learn how to maximise relationships by flexing your style accordingly. With profiles available for specific job roles - such as sales, management and leadership - the DISC profiles provide accessible and easy to understand reports which can be specifically applied to a job role. 


Best of all, trainers and learning professionals do not need to be accredited or licensed to use the full suite of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors tools. They are designed to be simple to interpret and understand. We provide a range of DISC train the trainer, accreditation and certification options for those who feel they would benefit. 

You can find out more about all of the DiSC Train the Trainer options available on our dedicated web pages here


For more information about using DISC profiles with your own clients, or within your own organisation, contact our team of Everything DISC experts who will be happy to help and get you started. 


DISCGB is an award winning Authorised Partner for Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors. We are a trading name of GB Training & Consulting Ltd.

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