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Everything DiSC® Sales Profile

For sales people who are looking to develop a deeper understanding of their customers, the Everything DiSC® Sales Profile provides vital information about how you can build greater rapport. As well as a detailed analysis of your own DiSC style, and the priorities that drive your actions, the profile will give you insight in to your personal areas of strengths and challenges. 

The profile will guide and help you to identify the DiSC styles of your customers based on their observable actions, along with what they are likely to prioritise. This gives you an insight in to their expectations of you as a salesperson and allows you to flex your style accordingly. The DiSC Sales Profile offers practical, and easily applicable, tips and techniques for adapting your style to meet your customers expectations. 

Included with this Profile are free comparison reports and interaction maps that you can use again and again with your customers to receive practical advice on how best to develop the relationship. 


Each profile provides an in-depth, sales specific, personalised report containing:​

  • Your DiSC overview

  • Your DiSC priorities

  • Your sales strengths

  • Your sales challenges

  • Recognising the DiSC buying styles

  • Understanding what drives customers of each style

  • Adapting your style to different customers

  • Customer interaction mapping

  • Action planning


Everything DiSC Sales is available in English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish and Chinese.


If you are ordering multiple assessments for others in your workplace, we will contact you to discuss whether you want to have the profiles immediately viewable or withheld and sent to one co-ordinator as pdf files. 




Everything DiSC® Sales Profile

Excluding VAT
  • All reports are delivered electronically. 

    You will receive an email which provides your unique link to the self-assessment, which will take about 20 minutes to complete. Your report will be available to download, save and print immediately afterwards. 

    If you are ordering multiple profiles we will contact you to discuss how you would like the profiles to be received by each respondent - either immediately viewable online or sent as pdf files to one co-ordinator. 

  • All prices exclude VAT / Taxes. The applicable rate for your country will be applied at checkout.