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DiSC Profile Training and Certification in the UK

DiSC profiles can be one of the most enlightening types of assessments, opening up our eyes to what drives people’s behaviour and using this to create a more harmonious workplace.

There are many benefits to using this type of profiling, including the fact it can help people manage more effectively, build better relationships and help to resolve conflict. 

Many learning and development professionals undertake DiSC profile training and look to achieve certification so they can make the most of this particular assessment and then share their knowledge across their organisation.

Whether you’re looking to deliver DiSC training yourself or want to understand how it all works, gaining certification can open up a wide range of opportunities in the UK. An Accredited Member or Certified Practitioner can deliver workshops and carry out the assessment to the highest standards.

All of our DiSC training courses will help you learn the background to DiSC, help you explore your own personal profile, teach you about the different styles and how to adapt your own, and explore facilitation tools, techniques and best practices.

Discover more about our online certification programme today and discover which programme is right for you

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