What can I do with my EPIC account?​

  • Distribute access codes within your organisation for the full range of DiSC products

  • Fully tailor the emails that are sent by the system

  • Set automatic reminders to prompt your participants to complete the self-assessment

  • Control whether participants see their reports immediately on completion

  • Monitor completion of self-assessments

  • View, save and download profiles

  • Customise and brand DiSC profiles with your own information and company logo

  • Produce supplementary team, comparison and facilitator reports

  • Enable access to myeverythingdisc.com

  • Enable multiple administrators to manage the account meaning each organisation only needs one account that they can share across departments

How does my Everything DiSC EPIC account work?​

For a small one-off set up fee, you have access to your own online portal that allows you to fully administer your own distribution of DiSC profiles within your own organisation.


Profiles are purchased using EPIC credits - your own DiSC currency! Credits are a cost-effective way to buy access to all of the profiles and will help you to make the most of your budget. There are no minimum orders and credits never expire. 

It is the ideal solution for those who want to control and manage DiSC within their organisation or for trainers and facilitators who wish to offer DiSC solutions to their own clients. 

An online account is available to anyone who needs to manage the distribution of DiSC assessments - either within an organisation or on behalf of their clients. 

Once set up you can rest assured that we will give you as much support as you need to get started, and are always available to support you. Every account has access to the full suite of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors assessments. 

Getting started with your EPIC Account

EPIC is the administrative system for Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors. Now that you have your login details, this tutorial will show you around the system, help you manage your personal settings and talk you through the basics of issuing access codes and generating reports.