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Which training is right for me?

Trainers and facilitators looking to use any of the range of Everything DiSC® profiles can make use of a range of different training and accreditation programmes. Because there are a few different option available I thought it would help to give you an overview of them all and simplify your choices.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that you do not need to be formally accredited to use the profiles. The reports are clearly written and easy to understand and interpret. However, as a trainer you are going to want to have an understanding of the background and key principles. Certification gives you a much deeper knowledge of DiSC and appeals to those who are looking to continue their own development and achieve a recognised certification. However, if you are an experienced trainer - maybe you have used DiSC or similar profiles before - a broader overview may be all that you need.

So the first question to ask yourself is do I want to be formally accredited?

If the answer is yes then there are two options available to you.

The first is enrolling on the Workplace Certification programme. This can either be completed in-person over two days, or through a virtual programme spread over four weeks.

The in-person programme is delivered by our own Certified Facilitators and includes a small amount of pre-work ahead of the workshop. The online, distance learning programme is led by the publishers of Everything DiSC, Wiley. This course was designed with your busy schedule in mind - it’s accessible anytime, from the convenience of your home or office computer, and is the best resource to build foundational knowledge and facilitation skills when using Everything DiSC in your organisation. This course consists of four weeks of independent online learning, paired with 3 x 90 minute live virtual sessions led by Everything DiSC trainers. The content is interactive and memorable, so you’ll have fun while you’re learning! At the end of either programme you will have achieved the status of Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator - subject to passing a short exam!

If you don't need formal accreditation, or would prefer to take this on at a later date, then there are also two ways of getting foundational knowledge about DiSC and the suite of products available.

Our one-day Approved Trainer programme gives you an overview of DiSC. It includes your own profile and your own EPIC account, which means you can immediately manage the whole process of administering DiSC reports for your own clients or in your own organisation. The day is split in to two parts. In the morning you will experience an interactive DiSC workshop which you can adapt for your own use in the future. We will even supply you with the course notes and slides. During the afternoon we will get you up and running with EPIC and talk through the full range of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team® profile. At the end of the course you may use DiSC as you wish as part of your own learning and development solutions, and refer to yourself as a DISCGB Approved Trainer.

The second, non-accredited, option is the newly launched Everything DiSC Essentials programme. This is a 2-3 hour self-paced, online learning programme led by Wiley. It provides you with foundational knowledge about DiSC and the range of products. It also covers the most frequently asked questions that you may encounter as a trainer.

So, in summary, here are the four options, along with the costs of each:

1. Certified Facilitator in-person (accredited)

£1295 (it is recommended that you also have access to a Facilitation Kit)

Next dates 26-27 March 2020

2. Certified Facilitator virtual programme (accredited)

£1495 (it is recommended that you also have access to a Facilitation Kit)

3. DISCGB Approved Trainer Programme

Next dates 3rd and 23rd April 2020

Now being conducted as a webinar

Reduced to £395.00 + VAT (includes Workplace profile and EPIC account)

4. Everything DiSC Essentials


All prices exclude VAT

The choices above are intended to meet a range of needs from those who want to achieve formal accreditation, through to those that just need an introduction at this stage. Whichever option you choose, you will receive ongoing support from us to help you get the best our of your use of DiSC and your relationship with us.

If you do have any questions about the options or need help in choosing, please contact us.

Updated 24th February 2020

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