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AgileEQ - now available on Catalyst!

AgileEQ Mindsets
AgileEQ Mindsets

Everything DiSC on Catalyst is an on-demand, organisation-wide, learning platform that provides

the insights from your DiSC assessment in an interactive, engaging and insightful way. It has been designed to ensure that DiSC isn't a 'once and done' event. Instead, it provides ongoing access to your profile, and those of others n your organisation, to allow you to identify tips and strategies for working more effectively together.

At its launch, Catalyst provided results based on the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment. As of today, you can now also unlock the informative AgileEQ assessment.

Agile emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly. Your report provides you with the ability to fully understand and adapt your behaviours, thoughts and emotions to best meet the demands of a wide variety of interpersonal or emotionally charged situations.

If you have already taken a Workplace on Catalyst assessment, you can upgrade and unlock the AgileEQ data for £35.00 + VAT per person.

If you haven't yet taken a Workplace on Catalyst or AgileEQ assessment, then the cost of unlocking both of these resources is £87.50 + VAT per person.

If you are interested in finding out more about Catalyst for your organisation, please contact us and we would be happy to talk you through the options and offer you a demonstration.

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