Introducing Everything DiSC Workplace® on the all-new Catalyst™ platform!

Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst takes the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace experience to the next level. Designed to engage everyone in building more effective relationships at work, Workplace on Catalyst helps people adapt to others in real-time, unlocking engagement and inspiring more effective collaboration. By combining the Everything DiSC® assessment, Catalyst platform, and instructor-led facilitation, participants will:

  • Discover their DiSC style

  • Deepen understanding of self and others

  • Learn how to build better relationships with others

  • Access real-time tips for more effective interactions with their colleagues

  • Build the foundation for future social and emotional skills training

​Workplace on Catalyst inspires a more engaged, collaborative culture that improves the overall quality of the workplace.

How does Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst work?

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The Everything DiSC Assessment

  • Powered and proven by 40+ years of research

  • Uses computer adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms for precise results

  • Builds the foundation for an ongoing, personal learning experience

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Catalyst - A personal, on-demand learning platform

  • Delivers the narrative style results of the Everything DiSC assessment, allowing learners   to delve into their style and develop new skills

  • Offers real-time tips for more effective interactions with a learner's colleagues

  • Serves as a learning hub throughout the learner's DiSC journey, from facilitation to independent exploration

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Workplace on Catalyst Facilitation

  • Brings the learner's DiSC results to life in an instructor-led experience that engages and educates

  • Short format, modular design that is easily tailored to any group size or time constraint

  • Virtual training modules delivered remotely or in-person

  • Choose to have DISCGB deliver the facilitation on your behalf or work with us to upskill your trainers to deliver the materials using comprehensive facilitation kits

Who is Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst for?

The real benefits of this transformational learning experience come from using it an organisational level. A key element is the ability to instantly see how you may interact with others in your organisation or department. The transparent nature of the platform brings together everyone's DiSC assessments in one place and uses these to provide real-time strategies on how to work better together. For individual's looking to develop their own understanding of their DiSC style then the original Everything DiSC Workplace solution continues to be the best solution. 

How much does Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst cost?

To take the Everything DiSC on Catalyst assessment costs the same as the original assessment -

£52.50 + VAT. This includes full access to the Catalyst platform as well as your own offline version of Your DiSC Profile. A sample copy of this can be viewed here

The assessment process can either be managed by us as a free service or you can open your own online account to have complete control over the administration process for a small one-off set up fee. 

To access the Catalyst Facilitation materials for in-house delivery you will need to own a copy of an Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit. A free extension to this is then available which currently provides materials to deliver the modules virtually. Materials for delivering Catalyst in-person will be available later this year at no extra charge. The facilitation kit is available for an investment of £1100 + VAT. 

Alternatively, we can deliver the programme on your behalf. Please contact us for details of pricing. 

Introduction & demonstration of Everything DiSC Workplace in Action 

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