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Understanding & growing your emotional intelligence

Updated: Apr 15

There are four key components of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, and empathy.

Self-awareness means being aware of your own emotions and how they affect your behaviour. This helps you understand how your actions and reactions impact those around you.

Self-regulation means being able to control your own emotions and reactions, rather than letting them control you. This allows you to stay calm and focused, even in difficult situations.

Motivation is the drive to achieve your goals and aspirations. Emotionally intelligent people are able to set goals and take action to reach them.

Empathy is the ability to understand and relate to the emotions of others. This helps you build strong relationships, as you can see things from their perspective and respond appropriately.

You can improve your emotional intelligence by practicing self-reflection, learning to manage stress, and developing good communication skills.

Remember, emotional intelligence is a skill that can be developed and improved over time. With practice and effort, you can grow your emotional intelligence and become more successful in all areas of your life.

Dr. Mark Scullard, Senior Director of Product Innovation at Wiley and author of “The Work of Leaders", has created two informative videos that help navigate the complexities of understanding Emotional Intelligence through the lens of the DiSC model and specifically the AgileEQ self-assessment.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence with DiSC®

People's actions, such as saying insensitive things or failing to stand up for themselves, are not always a reflection of their character. Instead, these actions may stem from deeper needs or motivations. This video explores how the DiSC model can be used to better understand why individuals may make choices that may seem wrong to others, despite the right choice being clear.

Grow Emotional Intelligence with DiSC

Leaders understand that having emotionally intelligent employees can lead to a more successful organisation. However, it can be challenging to motivate a group of people to improve their emotional intelligence and to provide a personalised development plan that addresses their individual needs. This video presents the results of a study involving over 6,000 employees from various organisations, in which a customised plan for improving interpersonal effectiveness was created for each participant.

After an Everything DiSC Agile EQ™ session, 92% of participants see themselves using what they’ve learned. Although the experience is focused on the work environment, learners almost immediately see how this material is going to improve relationships across every aspect of their lives. DiSC has an intentionally straightforward framework that anyone can use to make their life better.

To learn more about Everything DiSC Agile EQ, you are invited to download a free, full sample copy of the personalised report that is generated from the self-assessment.

Agile EQ Sample
Download PDF • 697KB

To discuss any aspect of Everything DiSC please do get in touch with the team here at DISCGB - we are always happy to help.

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