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Tough times! Could DiSC help?

In these difficult times, one of the first things that often moves to the bottom of our priorities is learning and development. As businesses and individuals focus on maintaining their business continuity and the welfare of their employees and customers, this is totally understandable.

Every business is in a fight for survival (ours included!) and the obvious steps of reducing costs across the board are inevitable. However, we all hope and pray that the current situation will not, in the scheme of things, last too long. Hopefully, by the height of the summer our lives will be getting back to normal and we will all be working hard to build back up our businesses.

Now is not the time to suggest that what we offer here at DISCGB is a panacea to the problems that we will all be encountering, but what is clear is that our ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships remains paramount. If anything, it is even more important as we grapple with remote working and isolation.

Understanding our own natural responses, and the impact these may have on others, can go some way to helping us create and develop strategies for our workplace interactions. DiSC can help with this. The suite of self-assessments are enlightening for many as a way of understanding their behavioural preferences and tendencies, how these effect the way we communicate and build relationships and for building new ways to adapt our approaches to every business situation.

In the short-term we may need to develop emotional resilience and the new Agile EQ solution could be helpful in understanding how to navigate situations in ways that are outside of our normal comfort zones. The profile provides insight in to our existing mindsets and strengths along with ways to create a more agile approach.

Business leaders need to pull on their reserves to guide their teams through the difficulties as they re-define their vision, create alignment to this and work on executing their strategy. The Work of Leaders assessment can help leaders to work through this process, recognise their strengths and identify ways in which they may need to adapt their style to lead their teams through any business challenges.

Managers may be working in new territory as they start to manage remote teams for the first time. Whether it is motivating their team members, delegating effectively or managing upwards, core managerial skills will be stretched. The Everything DiSC Management profile provides actionable strategies and approaches to help managers work most effectively with their teams.

All businesses, whatever their size, are already working on maintaining and developing their revenue streams where they can. The effectiveness of sales teams are going to be paramount as they balance offering flexibility to their existing customers with the need to continue to drive towards finding new revenue opportunities. Everything DiSC Sales offers insight in to both selling and buying styles. A highly personalised profile offers insight and practical strategies for building stronger, longer-lasting, relationships with customers. It also includes free Customer Interaction Maps that offers suggestions about how to work best with your own individual customers based on your analysis of their behaviour.

These are just some ways that the DiSC suite of profiles can help build the capability we all may need to navigate through the current difficulties. Please do consider continuing to invest in your own development, and that of your teams. To help support you, we are now offering a FREE one hour webinar for anyone taking an assessment so that we can help everyone fully understand the DiSC model and get the most out of the profile.

Most importantly I wish everyone well, and good health, at this time. If we can help in any way to support you through the next few months please do get in touch.

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