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What do the words and shading tell you in an Everything DiSC profile?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Our previous post explained what the dot on the DiSC map tells you about your DiSC style. However, there is more to learn about yourself in each Everything DiSC report.

The eight words around the map are call priorities. These are the primary areas you focus their energy and can also be a driver for the observable behaviours that others may notice. The closer your shading comes to a priority, the more likely you are to focus your energy on that area. Everyone has at least three priorities associated with their profile, and some may have four or five. It is important to note that having five priorities is no better than having three, and vice versa.

Shows an i style with the three priorities of Action, Enthusiasm and Collaboration plus an additional priority of Accuracy.
Everything DiSC Workplace Map with Priorities

This example shows the Everything DiSC Workplace Map for someone with a i (Influence) style. It shows that their style has the three priorities of Action, Enthusiasm and Collaboration. In addition, this person also has the priority of Accuracy and this is shown by the hatched area. This is an unexpected item for an i profile but is clearly a priority for this particular person. Sometimes we refer to these as 'unexpected items in the bagging area'!

The reporting of additional priorities in this way is important since they broaden the richness and accuracy of the report. It can be used to help understand why the person in the profile above may not instantly connect with the 'typical' profile of an i style. Often, an i style is less likely to be concerned with accuracy, preferring to use their enthusiasm, drive towards taking action and working collaboratively to make fast progress with a particular task, leaving the job of dotting the i's and crossing the t's to someone else. In this case, that doesn't apply and there are elements of the C (Conscientiousness) profile that will also be meaningful to help understanding.

Remember this type of profile isn't better, or worse - just different!

With every DiSC profile, there is also a Facilitator's Supplement available. This provides a little more detail about the data behind the presentation of the results. A skilled Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator or one of our Accredited Members can use this to dive deeper into your results if for some reason you don't instantly connect with your profile. With some discussion, there is often a good reason behind it and often it is related to these additional priorities that have been shown above.

Finally, one thing to note is that the sample above is taken from the Workplace profile. Irrespective of which type of profile you take, your dot tells you the same story - an indication of your preferred behavioural style and the strength of the tendency you have towards it. The Priorities (words around the outside of the map) and their meanings change with each type of report. An Everything DiSC Sales profile, for example, will have priorities that are more meaningful in a sales context.

All of the different types of reports are available to view online so you can see the differences between them.

If you would like to learn more about DiSC and how it can help you as an individual or as someone responsible for the development of others, please do get in touch.

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