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Which Everything DiSC Profile is right for me?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The suite of profiles that are available is regularly expanding, the latest addition being the new Productive Conflict and Agile EQ Profiles. We are often asked by clients which ones they should use. Below is a short summary of each of the core profiles to help guide you as to which one would work best for your own needs.

Workplace Model

This is the introductory profile that provides anyone, in any role, with detailed information about their own behaviour and how they can best relate to others with differing styles. It can be used extensively in any situation to help individuals or teams.

Sales Model

This profile is specifically aimed at helping salespeople to connect better with their customers. The information focuses on how you can recognise the styles of your customers in order to build better, faster relationships with them and present information in ways that they can best relate to. Profiles include Customer Relationship Maps to help you instantly assess the style of a customer and get tips on how best to communicate with them.

Management Model

The Management profile focuses on enhancing relationships between a manager and their direct reports. It focuses on understanding your directing and delegating style, how to motivate each of the styles and approaches to developing others.

Work of leaders model

This is aimed at senior leaders in an organisation, and using a simple three-step process helps them to develop the fundamental work of leaders: creating a vision, building alignment around that vision and championing execution of the vision. The profile improves self-awareness in key areas that will help leaders get better outcomes.

363 for leaders model

Using multi-rater feedback alongside a self-assessment the profile helps identify which approaches, from the Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership, are considered strengths and which may benefit from further development. An individual's leadership effectiveness is elevated by:

1. understanding how others see you as a leader

2. exploring your tendencies across the eight approaches

3. learning strategies to become more effective

Productive Conflict Model

The newest member of the Everything DiSC family, this profile helps to improve self-awareness around conflict behaviours. Rather than focus on a step by step process for conflict resolution, this profile helps to curb destructive behaviours so that conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace relationships and results.

Five Behaviors Model

Based on the best selling book by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this report provides a clear, concise, and practical guide to improving the relationships and results of an in-tact team. A one day workshop supports the results of the profiles by providing coaching and guidance as to how best to use the results to create clear actions which will impact the effectiveness of the team, the results of which can be measured at a later date and reviewed in direct comparison with the quantitative data in the original report.

Supplementary Reports

There are a range of additional reports that can be generated to support facilitators, trainers and coaches. These provide additional information and collective data to provide information about the impact of the results on a team as a whole.

My Everything DiSC

Each of the above profiles also provides free, and unlimited access to a personal, mobile-friendly, online portal. This contains more information about DiSC, and opportunities to learn, all delivered in an interactive and user-friendly way. It also provides the opportunity to create comparison reports with others who have taken the DiSC self-assessment to generate personalised reports about how two people can develop more productive relationships.

Finally, it is worth noting that all of the profiles use a core set of questions to generate information about your DiSC style. These are supplemented by profile specific questions. This means that you can complete any of the assessments in the future without having to take the full self-assessment each time.

If you are still unsure which of the profiles would work best for you, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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