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What is DISC?

What is Everything DiSC?

Two people reviewing their DiSC profiles

Everything DiSC® offers a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the original DiSC® model, first developed by William Moulton Marston and now backed by over 40 years of ongoing research. This simple yet powerful model describes four basic behavioural styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness, and serves as the foundation for the Everything DiSC Application Suite. The suite contains a range of self-assessment tools which include the basic Workplace profile, suitable for all roles within an organisation, through to role-specific solutions for those in Leadership, Management and Sales.

How do I take a DiSC assessment?

You will receive a unique URL that allows you to take the self-assessment. The assessment consists of a number of statements and you are asked to consider which statement you agree with most using a five-point ordered scale. If your responses for a particular scale are above a predetermined level, you will be presented with additional items for that scale, allowing the assessment to gain more certainty and return a more accurate report. This assessment method (adaptive testing) and a set of sophisticated algorithms quickly analyse these responses and provide the most personalised DiSC feedback possible. The report takes around 20 minutes to complete.

More information about the model, reliability & validity is available here:

How are the DiSC results presented?

The Everything DiSC® model is based on four primary behavioural styles. The full reports provide real depth and insight into the characteristics of each of the four styles, detailing how they can be easily recognised and how best to interact with them so that relationships are built quicker and easier. All of which leads to more productive working relationships.

Put simply, the tendencies of the four styles can be

described like this ...

Dominance: tend to be direct, results-oriented, firm,

strong-willed, and forceful

Influence: tend to be outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic,

high-spirited, and lively

Steadiness: tend to be even-tempered, accommodating,

patient, humble, and tactful

Conscientiousness: tend to be analytical, reserved,

precise, private, and systematic

Everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles and unlike simple personality tests, there is no one style that is better or worse.

Each of the four quadrants is then divided further into 3, providing a more specific analysis if the behavioural type. For instance, a DiSC style may be either a D, Di (where the primary style is D, but tendencies of the i style are also displayed) or a DC (in this case the D style is primary along with behaviours associated with the Conscientiousness style). This breakdown helps to provide a much richer, and accurate, analysis.

The words around the outside of the model represent the Priorities of each style - the primary areas where people tend to focus their energies. Often they may be the driver for their behaviour. Different DiSC assessments have slightly different priorities - the ones shown in the image above are from the Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile.

What are the benefits of DiSC?

Everything DiSC assessments are used in thousands of companies and organisations around the world. By understanding more about your own, and others, ways of behaving and communicating you can bring significant benefits to you and your team.

Everything DiSC:

● Provides a common language to help teams understand one another and work better together

● Acts as a springboard for conversation and more effective team working

● Saves you time, by improving communication in the workplace

● Helps you to understand people who aren’t like you…or are too much like you

● Reduces conflict and avoids misunderstandings

● Saves you time, by knowing how best to communicate with colleagues

The applications are many, including:

● Personal development

● Team development

● One to one coaching

● Improving salespeople's’ relationships with their customers

● Developing leadership and management capability

● Conflict management

● Improving customer service

Full samples of all of the Everything DiSC Suite of profiles are available for FREE download here.

Contact us for more information about how DiSC may be able to help you and to get answers to any question you may have.

About Us

DiSCGB is an Authorised Partner for Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors®. We offer the full range of products, services and learning solutions to help you benefit from these powerful tools. We can provide you directly with training delivered by our Certified Facilitators or equip you to be able to deliver DiSC training solutions yourself through a range of programmes specifically designed for learning professionals.

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