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Introducing Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst

How do you ensure that your investment in DiSC is more than just a 'once and done' event?

While we know that introducing Everything DiSC profiles and training is an effective way to help people learn more about themselves, the impact of their behaviour and how to improve better workplace relationships, it can be hard to maintain the momentum once the initial training is completed. 

Now, we have an innovative way to ensure that this is not the case and your investment moves from 'once and done' to 'return and learn'!

Workplace on Catalyst is a three-stage learning system which can be used across a whole organisation to truly develop a culture of collaboration and effective working relationships. 

It starts with the renowned Everything DiSC Workplace assessment which is taken online by each member of your team. The assessment is based on more than 40 years of psychological research based on the original research by William Moulton Marston. The assessment uses adaptive testing to ensure that the results are highly accurate and personal to each individual. The DiSC model is formed around four core behavioural tendencies - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.  

Immediately after taking the assessment, each respondent has access to Catalyst - an on-demand, learning platform that provides interactive information about the DiSC model, their DiSC results and practical ways in which to apply the learning. The true power of the platform comes from the ability to be able to see the results of other colleagues in the same organisation and gain real-time insights and comparisons about how team members can work more effectively together. Detailed comparisons can be generated that provides a level of insight about the behavioural make-up of a whole organisation. 

The combination of the assessment and platform offer a stand-alone learning opportunity which can be used, and acted upon, immediately and will grow as your organisation grows. However, the real power of the Catalyst programme comes from a series of instructor-led, virtual training modules to support the learning. Each module focuses on one aspect of the DiSC profile and can be run as a linear series or in a customised, on-demand format. 

To find out more about Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst we have produced a short video demonstration to explain the programme and Catalyst platform. If you prefer, simply get in touch with us to talk through the options and arrange a personal demonstration. 


DISCGB is an Authorised Partner for Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors®

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