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How and why did we become an Authorised Partner?

Before becoming an Authorised Partner for Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviours, our bespoke training arm (which is still going strong by the way!) integrated all of the usual assessments and profiles to help people understand how they behave in a range of solutions. Some of these worked well, some were flavour of the month, and others served our need to be credible and current rather than actually helping people to do their jobs better!

We stumbled across Everything DiSC some years ago and thought we'd give it a try. We started to introduce the assessments and were very happy with the reaction and results. The fact that the reports are written so as to be easy to understand made a huge difference. We spent less time explaining the science and more time focusing on how the results could be practically used in the workplace.

Most of the time the reaction was 'Wow!'. The accuracy of the reports meant that people quickly connected with the results, recognising their behaviours and the impact this had on the way that they work with others. This consistent reaction to the results influenced our decision to take our relationship with Wiley, the publisher of DiSC learning solutions, further and become a partner here in the UK. We continue to use the full range of DiSC profiles in our bespoke training programmes, whenever it is appropriate to do so.

As an Authorised Partner, we can now provide the full range of training for all of the DiSC profiles as well as train others to use them as part of their own solutions. We love their accessibility, which means that you don't have to be certified to use them. The supporting facilitation kits mean that an experienced facilitator has everything they need to run effective workshops and help their internal teams, or external clients, get the most from the results of the assessments.

So who is using DiSC?

Corporate training and learning departments have worked with us to be totally self sufficient. We set them up to administer all aspects of the assessment process using their own online account and support them to develop their own supporting training programmes.

We work with an ever increasing number of independent training companies and freelance trainers to help them offer all of the DiSC assessments as part of their own solutions, helping them to develop their own businesses.

Of course, we also work directly with a range of organisations who ask to manage the process for them and provide training for their teams.

Finally, an ever-increasing number of individuals buy assessments from us for their own self-development.

How can they be used?

The uses of DiSC are varied, and the range of tailored and role-specific products ensure that they can be used in many ways. Here are just some ways clients have been using them recently:

> Everything DiSC Sales is being used as an integrated part of a sales development programme for a global airline to develop stronger relationships with customers

> Everything DiSC Workplace has been rolled out across a whole organisation to help improve communication and team work as well as creating a common language to discuss the impact of behaviour

> Everything DiSC Management has been used at team meetings and as part of 1:1 coaching sessions to help develop newly appointed people managers

> The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team is used frequently with teams at all levels to help them become effective and high performing

> Our network of Approved Trainers have been extensively using the range of DiSC solutions of their own clients - to help with team leader training, presentation skills, 1:1 coaching and team development.

New products and developments are being released regularly and there is no doubt that the commitment of Wiley is to make sure that their range of highly validated assessments genuinely do make a difference in the workplace. It's more than just training - our mission is now to help change cultures in organisations so that they are better places to work in!

The short video below gives you an overview of how this cultural change can take place - The Power of WE!

If anything you have read has been of interest, please do get in touch. We are always happy to have a chat and explore how we may be able to partner with you.

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