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DNV-GL Certification

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

"Everything DiSC Workplace® is DNV certified as an occupational test tool. It is EFPA compliant and to be used for development purposes. "

We are thrilled to announce that Everything DiSC Workplace in English has been granted the above Certification in the United Kingdom!

These may not be terms we are all familiar with in the UK but this is a significant achievement which recognises the validity of the profile as a certified occupational test tool.

The European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA) has developed a widely used standard for reviewing psychological tests—which helps organisations, practitioners, and learners make informed decisions about the quality and utility of an assessment. And the DNV, an accredited body, has certified the compliance of our assessment to the EFPA’s standard.

If you would like further information about this certification, including a copy of the full report, please contact us.

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