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The Culture Catalyst

I am writing this as I head home from the Wiley International Partner Summit in Athens. This is an opportunity for Authorised Partners from across the globe to spend time together with the Wiley team and look ahead to the future for Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors.

I am leaving having heard some inspirational stories about how Partners have been working with their clients to create exceptional learning experiences that act as a catalyst for cultural change. It is clear that the next decade will see an increase in the demand for employees to be self-aware, emotionally intelligent and flexible enough to respond to the demands of a new workplace culture.

Wiley have invested heavily to reposition our brands as long-term learning solutions, that truly make a positive impact to both individuals and organisations. It’s more than just a re-brand though.

I learnt about new products that are truly transformational in their approach to learning. From new profiles that address current workplace demands, through to innovative delivery solutions that are undoubtedly world-class, and focused on achieving long-lasting results. Sadly, I can’t give details just yet but watch this space!

Finally, I was delighted to hear that new versions of our certification programmes are in the pipeline allowing Practitioners to become Accredited in facilitating more products in the Everything DiSC suite.

It has been an inspiring two days and I leave more confident than event that our partnership with Wiley, and with our clients (both existing and new) can truly be the catalyst for cultural change in the workplace.

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