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Spotlight on Everything DiSC Management

Updated: May 2, 2023

Management Profile Cover

The Everything DiSC Management profile provides those at all levels of management with an invaluable tool to help manage individual and team relationships more effectively.

It is ideal for use as part of a management training programme, as a way of initiating coaching conversations or as a tool to develop your own individual management skills and capability.

After completing a short online self-assessment, Managers receive a detailed report that uncovers how their natural behavioural tendencies may have influence in a range of managerial situations.

Each report contains:

  • an introduction to DiSC and how your priorities may influence your behaviour

  • your managerial preferences

  • your directing and delegating style

  • how your style influences your approach to motivating and delegating your team members

  • your approach to developing others

  • how your manager sees you

Throughout the report, you will find tips, strategies and suggestions for making the most of your natural style and ways to adapt your approach with those who may have a different style from your own.

My Everything DiSC on Mobile

Each profile includes full, unlimited, access to My Everything DiSC which provides you with additional learning resources and the ability to create comparison reports with other people who have taken a DiSC assessment. These reports provide a detailed analysis of your relationship and provide detailed guidance on how to work better together.

You can download a full, and free, sample of the Everything DiSC Management report here to see for yourself how much useful information it contains.

If you would like more information, just contact us and we will be delighted to help.

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